20+ Best and Gorgeous Hairstyles For Round Faced Women. Did you ever call the baby face and squeeze your cheeks? If you've had these things, it's because you have a round face. You probably have to give your hair as long as you want your face to look longer and thin. Now, aside from these boring recommendations, it is time to throw your stylish and short hair in all its glory. Here are 20 beautiful hairstyles for round faces.

You must make sure you are round face before you start reading. If so, continue reading.

How do you know your face is round?
Open your ears well, just because you have plump cheeks doesn't mean you're round face. The best way to detect your face shape would be to determine the dimensions of your face.

Find a tape measure and follow the steps.

• Measure the tape by one side on your cheekbones and slightly under your eyes.
• Measure the widest points of your jaw line.
• Measure the length of your face from the center of your forehead to the tip of your jaw.
• If the length of your cheekbones and jaw line is roughly the same as the length of your face (a few millimeters difference is insignificant), then you have a round face.
Now that you're sure you have a round face, it's a good idea to learn a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when shaping your hair.

Tips for Short Hair Styles on Round Faces
Especially if you don't know which part and style to complete, your hair can be a difficult decision. But if you have a round face, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go to the next hairdresser.

• Knobs and top-mounted hair can help you to lengthen your facial features.
• If you want a rivet, you can choose straight and stiff floors.
• When choosing curly hairstyles, make sure that the waves frame your face to camouflage your cheeks.
• If you want to use your hair for a long time, choose fluffy coats. This choice will balance your face's roundness by showing your neck long.
• The best way to shape your hair is soft waves. You can create this look by roughing your hair roughly.
Then let's go to the gorgeous hairstyles that will adapt to your face without further ado.

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2. Clear Waves in Short Hair

It is a slightly modern, slightly stylish hair that is often preferred by women with round facial features. Mila Kunis looks great in this short hair style, consisting of distinct curls, extending the shape of the round face. The thin brown glitters at the bottom give this view a dimension.

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